Projects and Services

The key features of our service delivery are punctuality,
quality and relaibility.

Following our Motto ‘Quality by Choice, not by Chance’, STI products bear the highest standards. We always use the state of the art technologies for our workmanship to create world-class products for our clients. Some of the machinery that are engaged in our production are one of a kind latest technologically developed machines available in the country. One such example is the CNC Angle Master.

Several other highly technically sophisticated machinery such as Fastener Manufacturing Machines, Lathing, Milling and Shaping machines and tools also contribute to the production process from its inception to the end. The different range of machines available increases our capacity to cater a large number of orders at any time. Our production process is followed by a post production stringent Quality Assurance procedure to assure perfection up to the point of delivery.


We are certified

STI has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as the Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI) certification. This guarantees that our manufacturing and operational processes adhere to best managerial & technical practices. All these highlights the fact that STI products and services are of internationally accepted quality standards.

Standards Obtained

Our Major Projects in Recent Times

Projects in Sri Lanka

  • Uva Udanaya (Rural Electrification Project for Uva Province of Sri Lanka).
  • Nagenahira Navodaya (Electrification Extension/Enhancement in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka).
  • Uthuru Wasanthaya (Electrification Extension/Enhancement in Northern Province of Sri Lanka).
  • Lighting Sri Lanka Hambanthota Project (Transmission Project for Southern Province of Sri Lanka).
  • Lighting Sri Lanka Ratnapura Project (Electrification enhancement project in Ratnapura District Sri Lanka).
  • Rural Electrification Projects in Uganda through LTL Projects.
  • ADB Loan Projects for Rural Electrification in Sri Lanka.
  • RE Project 08 and RE Project 08 ext (electrification projects of Northern and North Central provinces of Sri Lanka) With the success of these large projects, STI is already in discussion for several new projects and proposals.
  • General Supplies to Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company Limited for last 30 years.
  • Street light project 8 towns along with Ceylon Electricity Board & Lanka Electricity Company. And also we are executing a street light contract for 75,000 light points in Kenya.
  • Supply of laboratory furniture for 150 Mahindodaya Technological Laboratories in Government schools in Sri Lanka.
  • Conducted a distribution line is Kothalawela Defense University Teaching Hospital.
  • Design, supply of tower structural items and erection of 27m Steel Lattice Tower for Lanka International Logistic Company, Welisara.

Projects in Kenya

  • Supply of Prefabricated Items on Frame Work Contract
  • Supply of Pole Fittings for Wooden & Concrete Poles
  • Supply of Universal Clamps, Streel Lighting Bracket 1.5M and Street Lighting Bracket 0.45M
  • Supply of Steel Prefabricated items
  • Supply of Universal Clamps
  • Supply of Bolts & Nuts and Prefabricated Items, Stay Rods and Binding Wire
  • Supply of Fabricated Items (Cover Pole Cap12″X12″ and Sttel Channel Steady Bar U228X127X64mm) Three Year Framework