Global Partnerships


STI is the Sole Agent and Distributor in Sri Lanka for Burndy LLC, USA which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of connectors, fittings and tools for electrical utilities for commercial, industrial, and maintenance companies. Burndy has approximately 1,200 employees and operates 3 manufacturing facilities: in the northeastern United States and South American countries.Their extensive product range includes Mechanical / Compression Connectors, Installation Tooling, Grounding Products, Accessories required for Implo Technology and WEJTAP Connectors. Moreover we have built strong global partnerships with countries such as China, India, Turkey and UAE for other trading products. These suppliers are dealing with us for more than two decades by providing best quality products to our customers. Their product range includes Bimetallic Clamps / Connectors, Porcelain Insulators, Grounding Products, ABC Connectors / Accessories etc.

  • Burndy LLC, USA
  • Tushun
  • Unitech
  • MEC
  • Syska LED Lights, India
  • ERL Phase Power Technologies, Canada
  • Chance, USA
  • Hubbell