About Us

St. Theresa Industries has been established in 1973 initially based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and since then they have built up a reputation for reliability, quality, timely delivery and competitive pricing amongst their buyers over rest of the competitors in the Metal Fabrication Industry.

We are a manufacturer of all types of steel accessories used for electricity generation, distribution and transmission; all types of steel fabrications required for construction industries and also wide range of steel fasteners. We are also a manufacturer of Power Transmission Towers with most advanced State-of-Art facilities in Sri Lanka.

St. Theresa Industries has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification with Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI).

“Empowering the Lifeblood of the nation”

Our Vision

“Our Products and Services should always meet with the End Users’ entire satisfaction”

Our Mission

“Ensuring the products’ Quality, Timely Delivery and Competitive pricing for the satisfaction of our customers by utilizing our strengths in our Resource Management”

Humble Begining

Commercial operations of STI commenced in 1979 as a domestic industry under the partnership of the immediate family members of the present Managing Director – Mr. Collin Fernando, initially to engage in lathe and welding works at a site at Mutwal in Colombo Sri Lanka. As a former employee of the Colombo Harbor, Mr. Fernando’s father possessed the required expertise/ technical know-how. At the inception, we undertook orders mainly from the Star Class Hotels to reproduce and/ or repair trolleys and kitchen equipment.

Consequent to the gradual expansion of the industry in 1987 we shifted the industrial site/office/stores from Mutwal to our own premises at Sapugaskanda Sri Lanka.

Encouraged by our Banker – Bank of Ceylon under the Loan schemes for small and medium Industrial Enterprises we switched over to catering to the requirements of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and subsequently, Lanka Electricity Co Ltd (LECO).

Where We Stand

In order to meet growing business demand and to avert any legal implications, we have converted ourselves into a Company with limited liabilities on 31st March 2011.

Furthermore, subsequent to shifting our production and operational units from Mutwal to Sapugaskanda in 1987, we have relocated our office premises into a more spacious and well equipped four storied building in 2012 in view of the gradual expansion of our operational team and their activities.

In order to meet ever expanding business orders, we have installed a line of new machinery for the ‘Manufacture of Fasteners’ in 2010.

In 2013, we purchased a range of ‘Most Modern’ machinery and constructed a factory building at our existing factory site exclusively for our ‘Tower Manufacturing Unit’ funded by our Banker – Bank of Ceylon. Without much boasting or exaggeration, we declare with a certain amount of pride that we are the one & only local enterprise equipped with such sophisticated machinery for the purpose in Sri Lanka.

In view of aforesaid recent modifications and expansions, we are now ready to meet any demand of a customer and meet with any eventualities without much hesitation.